Yoga through the lens of human values

YOGA and Human Values - Blossoming of Human Excellence.
Objective of the program is to awaken the inner latent divinity and the spiritual self through the practice of Yoga.,  The workshop highlights personal practices, body postures, mindful breathing, turning inward, focusing, surrendering to experience pure bliss for the purpose of personal self-transformation and to help transform communities, the country, and the world at large. Yoga, when practiced, helps us to revere the oneness behind all creation and to base all actions on Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Nonviolence. The workshops conducted by Center for Human Values helps participants explore how the practice of yoga can help them to practice human values and to further our inner qualities. Our recent workshops on Yoga and Anger Management explored the emotions behind anger and gave various methods on how to deal with anger. The audience was mainly young adults and adults. The goal of the workshop was to practice yoga by enabling discipline to deal with anger and manage related issues in day-to-day life. Techniques to remain calm in all situations, and to make rational decisions were explored towards being happy and peaceful individuals, which will lead to happy, peaceful, united, and loving communities. The session included physical practice of yoga, breathing techniques, postures, kriyas, and relaxation techniques. The workshops utilize unforgettable stories, rhythmic songs, motivational quotations, case studies, interactive discussions, and games, on how to measure the levels of anger using an anger thermometer. Similar yoga and human values programs were conducted practically with middle school children in a school in Trinidad and tremendous benefits were reported. Kids were less stressed, did not feel overburdened or overwhelmed. Although the workload was huge, they handled tasks better, they prioritized duties with a calm demeanor to obtain their goal and they also excelled in their exams. If you would like to know more about the program and would either like to join the existing program in your area or would like a help to start a new program, kindly contact us at