Parenting through the lens of human values

Parenting is a journey. It’s a lifelong process of learning to understand ourselves and our children. It all starts with reflecting about our own childhood, how we felt, what made us happy then and what makes us happy now and questioning why! That’s what we try to achieve through our interactive workshops.
Center for Human Values aims to draw attention to five human values of Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Nonviolence which can play a pivotal role in upbringing of our kids. Today, the world is different from the world in which we were raised. It’s the need of the hour to be conscious of why we do what we are doing in parenting, what our triggers are, how our words, moods and body language affect our children. Many times, pausing and reflecting will show us that we too have felt that way and we can support our children better when we resonate with their story, their current situation, their path, their choices and respond from a neutral and calm place internally. The Center for Human Values has conducted workshops on various topics so far. The main topics of discussions were like: – Empathy – Self Esteem – Transforming relationship with children  We offer an insightful medley of content during the workshops, where we include group games and activities, case scenario discussions, inspiring stories, self – reflection surveys and many more awesome activities. If you would like to know more about the program and would either like to join the existing program in your area or would like a help to start a new program, kindly contact us at