Values in Action

Center of Human Values (CHV) has a team of volunteers in New York City which provides vegetarian meals, clothing, and other essential items of everyday use to the people who need it and thus we try to follow the dictum - "Hands that Serve are Holier than Lips that Pray."

Hempstead, NY is a hub of the huge food service conducted by CHV volunteers. Our volunteers are actively serving the homeless in Queens, Manhattan and Long Island, NY. There are multiple locations being served across the region including service to people who sleep outside at night or hanging out and looking for labor work during the day hours. We also actively support a local food bank in Freeport, NY that serves hundreds of insecure families and children.

We have seen communities being transformed as they receive selfless sharing of Love as part of the Human Values program. The people we serve appreciate our work in their communities while we feel fortunate to avail this unique opportunity to perform service in our communities.

Please feel free to reach out if you want to volunteer with us or know any community who needs our service. You may contact us at