Academic Coaching & Tutoring Program

Center for Human Values aims to build a robust tutoring program for individual children and communities that need it the most. The program’s goal is to provide free educational improvement programs for children via academic tutoring and coaching for development of life skills. With the ongoing support from the committee, we strive for the following long term goals as we build the tutoring program.
  • Provide training to our tutor volunteers which will go a long way in improving children’s academic outcome.
  • Organize bi-annual programs with guest speakers to enhance tutoring, coaching and mentoring techniques.
  • Create ongoing informal assessments to allow tutor volunteers to tailor their instruction more effectively for individual students.
  • Ensure retention of both tutors and tutees to create positive tutor-tutee relationships for a stronger understanding of the children’s learning needs.
  • Use high quality instructional materials aligned with classroom content to reinforce in-school instruction.
  • While our focus currently is on informal outreach within our communities for one-on-one tutoring, we want to build partnerships with local underserved schools and community groups which would include registration of tutors with the schools, stricter customized curriculum, and wider legal formalities.
If you would like to know more about the program and would either like to join the existing program in your area or would like a help to start a new program, kindly contact us at

ACT Activities

  • College Admissions Prep Workshops

Center for Human Values offers interactive, informational workshops for parents and high school students who are preparing for college admissions. So many times, the parents who are unaware of the college admissions process due to lack of available comprehensive resources, often struggle to find guidance and their children are deprived of timely help.

CHV has conducted many workshops till now and plans to offer quarterly workshops so that equal opportunity be provided to all, especially the underserved population due to economic and family challenges.

  • ACT in California

The SAIL – Serve ACT Inspire Learn program is a peer tutoring program where 7th graders and up help elementary school kids support students in improving their math skills. The program is one of the Academic Coaching and Tutoring programs started as part of CHV in Livermore, California. 15-20 student volunteers tutor around 45-50 students mainly in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. These classes are conducted on Saturdays for two and a half hours. This includes a 15-minute snack break where free snacks are provided.

This service opportunity supports kids from an underserved school. The testing scores for this school are low and we hope to improve them. The tutees learn math and are witnessing the service provided by the tutors. On the other hand, the tutors learn various soft leadership skills, like speaking to an audience, having patience, and the ability to explain concepts in different ways. It gives young tutors the chance to experience the joy in volunteering.

How can you help?

You can help by championing a similar program in any weaker school district close to where you live. You could approach the principal or the education board superintendent and enquire about starting a similar program.

  • ACT in New Jersey

New Jersey started with the Academic Coaching & Tutoring program during the spring of 2022.  About 30 enthusiastic CHV volunteers, including adults, young adults and high school students started teaching different subjects and provided homework help to their grade school tutees. The subjects taught include English, Math, Chemistry & Biology. So far, many students from underserved areas have benefited from this tutoring service.

These one-on-one tutoring sessions are held online via zoom and usually last for an hour each. These classes are mostly conducted during after school hours.

Little Heart pre-school day care hosts our 2 adult volunteers for the after-school program. The volunteers spend 2 hours every Friday with the little kids and interact with them with love and joy. This after-school program helped many families who could not give personalized attention to their kids due to broken families or overworked families.

The highlight of this program is the ongoing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in New Jersey. The ESL program offered by CHV was well received by the immigrant community. Most of the adults enrolled in the ESL program belong to Spanish speaking and a few to Arabic speaking communities. Prof. Andrew, from the University of Tampa, conducted the first ESL session for the adult students. It was attended by the learners as well as other ESL tutor volunteers to get hands-on training. Currently, these classes are held twice a week and are run by a pool of dedicated adult volunteers.

  • ACT in North Carolina

Following the dictum “We are YOUR instruments of love”, and with the intention of giving back to the community, volunteers from the Sathya Sai Center of Raleigh, NC, in the Southeast Region 3 of Zone 1 coordinate a program that provides weekly one to one academic tutoring via Zoom to underserved elementary school students in the Durham area.

The focus is on ELA, math enrichment, homework assistance, and also providing mentorship. Over 350 students have received free tutoring services since the program’s inception in 2020.

The volunteers are Group 3 and 4 SSSE children, young adults and adults from various Sai Centers. The youth tutors benefit from volunteering for this project by accruing community service hours and by gaining valuable experience in teaching and mentoring. Adult mentors are provided for youth (under the age of 18) for support and assistance. The tutor volunteers receive orientation training, ongoing support and supervision, and abide by the National Tutor Association Tutor Code of Ethics.