Juvenile Justice Program through the lens of human values

The Juvenile Justice program is one of the most aspirational areas of service conducted by the Center of Human Values. It aims to provide mentorship and foster the blossoming of the five human values in juveniles to empower them to embrace life and to live to their fullest potential.

The goal is to inspire juveniles in the detention centers to incorporate and practice the values in all their roles so that they can be self-sustained, responsible, and successful citizens.

Our volunteers contact the coordinator of the Juvenile Detention Center for the County of their residence and offer their services through mentorship for children in Juvenile Centers either by joining the existing program or directly through our CHV program.

This program has been implemented successfully at Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center, Texas.  Since the last few months after establishment, the team has worked with a couple of teenagers at this facility.

Here are a few thoughts shared by our volunteers:

“In our quest for self-transformation, we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to volunteer at the detention center. Going inside, we realize soon that the juveniles have a hard life. The detention center is not the best place to be in, behind secure doors, with difficult routines that the residents must follow and a lot of curfews. For us, as volunteers, we have nothing but the gift of Swami’s human values that we can take with us. In that little room, We can take nothing inside and after a Xray check, you are put in a room alone for an hour with one of the juveniles, with you near the door and a security guard outside. ItBut it is a well-run operation, and it is really a noble thought to help mentor these kids who are here for many minor offenses that have a lasting major impact in their lives. Spending 2 hours a week, giving them a small ray of hope, discussing issues such as anger management, resilience etc. and slowly instilling values while talking or playing games with them, has perhaps been one of the most heartfelt seva that Swami has blessed us with, and it has been the most enriching.” -Sridevi Devaraj, SSSGC Houston

“I’m deeply grateful for my involvement in the FBCJPD mentor program. Since November 2023, I’ve had the honor of working with four youths. Interacting with these young men has been incredibly enriching and rewarding. Whether offering solace, guidance, support, or simply spending quality time, each encounter leaves me feeling truly elated. Knowing that our efforts may contribute in some small way to easing their journey is immensely fulfilling.” – Manoj Sherman, SSSGC Houston

I found myself, initially, just “listening” to the young man talk about his life, background and circumstances that impelled his transgressions. In almost all these cases, there was almost no one in their lives who they trusted or “actively” listened to what they had to say – an effective role model they could look up to and seek guidance from!  Inevitably, in almost all these cases, a broken or adversarial family structure played a paramount role in these teens engaging in detrimental behavior……… In the short stint that I have had in this service so far, I must proffer that I find this service extremely fulfilling from my side.”Ranji Raghavan,SSSGC Houston

Our plans aim to have a widespread network of CHV volunteers where they can interact with and exert a positive influence on juveniles in detention centers throughout the USA, Canada & West Indies.

If you would like to know more about the program and like to join either the existing program in your area or would like help to start a new program, please contact us at chvzone1.info@gmail.com